Tre Golfi “vintage”

Ydra, Agostino Straulino’s Carter 37 prototype.

During the postwar years when the entire Italian Federation was committed to promoting our sport, which up until then had been the legacy of a few important boatowners, President Beppe Croce led the crusade to promote Offshore racing, which he felt to be of utmost importance to yachting propaganda.

The first “Giraglia” race was held in 1952, with the enthusiastic participation of both Italian and foreigners. Two years after the Chairman of the Circolo Italia (and Vice President of FIV), Gennaro Carafa, presented the Tre Golfi. As expected, the race was a resounding success, even though in Naples there were not many offshore boats.

Infact for the first five years, up to 1959, the Tre Golfi was dominated by the “Genoeses”, through the participation of many important members of the Yacht Club Italiano: Guy Giovannelli’s Ea, Italo Monzino’s Mait II, Giacomo Bruzzo’s Pazienza, Piero Sada’s Prima Stella and lots of other less well known boats. These are the pioneers of the Italian Offshore races and many of them are still sailing in perfect conditions: we hope to see them back in the waters of the three gulfs!

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