Then and now

80 years of difference and (perhaps) only one point in common: both are among the entries of the Rolex Capri Sailing Week 2018.

The brand new Mylius 80 ‘FD will be launched at the end of April and after just a couple of weeks will have its baptism in the race, at the Mylius Cup on May 15, in Capri. With bowsprit, it measures 25.57 meters by 5.85 in width and has a displacement of about 29 tons.

Vistona, class 1936, weighs almost the same even if it is half the length (16 meters), it is not carbon but all in wood, and instead of two weeks of life has thousands of miles of history, traveled in the Mediterranean and the ocean; in May 11 she will be on the 64th Three Gulfs Regatta starting line, in the new category “Classic”.

Two boats that could not be more different, both beautiful though with a different charm; one is a witness to the past, the other anticipates the future. And we like to think that the elder wishes the youngest to experience all the emotions of her splendid career

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