Sailing, sea and worldliness

An extraordinary mix, which has managed to make the appointment of the Capri Rolex Sailing Week an expected sporting event with hours of relaxation and unbridled fun for shipowners, successful champions and the whole beautiful world that revolves around the race, different from many others that are held in other locations both in Italy and abroad.

With the arrival of the sailors in the month of May the island changes face and gives the best at the end of the regattas, when the “Piazzetta” is crowded with sailors of every nation, athletes and champions who venture into the typical narrow streets of the historic center or in the elegant and exclusive via Camerelle.

Just turn the corner to immerse yourself in the extraordinary beauty of the Giardini di Augusto or Tragara, to enjoy unique sunsets and breathtaking views, just as the Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky wrote: “with his halo of flowers the whole island is a woman in a pink cap “.

Although the alarm rings early in the morning for sailors, the Caprese night must necessarily be lived with its taverns, discos, tables of the bars of the” living room” of the world: the Piazzetta, obligatory junction of all nightlife and social life. A real Agora where you wait for the dawn before returning to the dock and resume the determination of the race.

Annamaria Boniello

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