Mylius Yacht in Capri

The first Mylius was born in 2004: a boat 11.25 meters long, fast under sail and motor (up to 9 knots) and with a very spacious deck. Three features that accurately sum up the Simeone philosophy about yacht design and that can be found in the thirty plus yachts launched up until today. All ever larger: four 60’, two 65′, two76’ and the others never below 50’. Ten of them will be racing in Capri, starting from May 10th, 2017. These boats combine Neapolitan talent (from the founding members’ hometown) and Emilian pragmatism (the shipyard is in Piacenza). They are exceptionally beautiful, even for those who, like us, look longingly to the lines of the past.

We meet Alberto Simeone, designer of all Mylius yachts, at the Circolo del Remo e della Vela Italia, in Naples. He is a member of this yacht club, and it could not be otherwise: this is where he learned to sail (he won the 470 class Italian Championship with Paolo Scutellaro in 1986), and where he has kept the Mylius Design Studio, even though production has moved to the north. With the CRVItalia burgee, his father Mino, designer and builder, cameclose to winning the One Ton Cup in 1980: his Cuordileone came second by a whisker and – it seems – only because of an error by the race committee.

“It all started with a friend, then we became three and finally four partners, when Luciano Gandini, an important packaging entrepreneur, came in to help for a faster growth. But we still are all friends, we form a very strong team and the majority of those who work with us are under thirty. My brother Fabio is in charge of structures, Mario Sassi of marketing, Mauro Montefusco of plant engineering and I … I am the orchestra conductor, coordinating the entire production process, the technical staff of engineers, architects, designers and technical specialists. And – last but not least – enjoying and testing the results in the water!” Alberto, fifty years old, has a catchy smile and great empathy: “I develop the project around the needs of the owner, with whom I usually maintain a friendly relationship well after the launch. The best yacht designer ever? German Frers, the first to place the owner at the center of his work”.

The last Mylius was launched a few months ago. She is a rare beauty, elegant and fast. Come and see her racing in Capri from the 10th to the 13th of May, accompanied by her “sisters” and a fleet of other 50 yachts. A sight not to be missed.

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