Gran Crociera yachts to Capri

The “Gran Crociera” Class yachts will compete also in the Campionato Nazionale del Tirreno races, not only to the Tre Golfi offshore race – as previously stated. This decision was taken after that a number of owners have expressed their disappointment at being excluded from the Capri event.

Here is what establishes the notice of race: to be admitted into the “Gran Crociera” yachts category, boats shall be in their original configuration and must comply with at least four of the following parameters (five if high technology sails are used):

1. Roller furler or hanked headsail;
2. Furling main;
3. Full teak deck;
4. Fixed blades propeller;
5. Untapered mast;
6. On deck mounted windlass;
7. Mounted windlass, with adequate anchor andchain (at least three boat lenghts)
8. Adequate watermaker;
9. Low technology sails (dacron or other polyester, nylon or other polyammide, cotton or lowmodulus thread and no laminate);
10. Short/long cast iron bulb (the lead option isaccepted if as standard);
11. Open bow-thrusters;
12. Only one downwind sail on board;
13. Launch year if before 1992;
14. Air conditioning.

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